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Blogger, Software Engineer, Growth & Gamification Enthusiast

It didn’t become a fast-growing hot startup but it is still inspiring me

Intimassy the Love Diary app lets you track sexual activities and gives you statistics about your private life for better sexual life.

I published my app on Android almost 3 years ago and just a couple of…

Here is my detailed 10 week-long App Store Optimization process

This article is going to show you my 10 weeks long app store optimization -ASO- process and how I increased in-app purchase income by 40%. Also, you can find the details on related tools and resources in the end.


Extended Introduction to Dart Programming Language

About the Notes

I have been developing mobile apps for 7 years and I've been developing apps by using cross-platform frameworks such as Flutter, Xamarin, React-Native, and Cordova for more than 2 years.

I've prepared these notes for myself when I first started learning the Dart programming…

Double your income in 2 Weeks with these tools!

You cannot improve what you cannot measure!

This is one of the fundamental rules in business development: You have to measure the impact you made first, and then you can decide your direction accordingly.

Of course, “Instincts” are part of the…

Speed up your productivity with these Adobe After Effects Shortcuts!

Artem Beliaikin on Pexels

These shortcuts will help you with speeding up your creation process! (PS: bonus at the end)

Selection tool (V)

If you are a manga geek, you must read these mind-blowing stories!

Photo by Martijn Baudoin on Unsplash

I have been reading manga and comics for almost 10 years and probably I’ve read more than 4000 episodes, approximately 120000 pages up to now. I want to share some of the sophisticated and dark ones with you!

Shinsekai Yori (From the New World)

I have to admit it: I’ve lost my creativity, productivity, and hope

Photo by SN.CHE from Pexels

I don’t want to put much effort into new projects and even publishing small articles unlike before. I am fighting this feeling almost for a year. I don’t feel productive anymore.

Most of the time, when I try…

Subscription and payment pages are important to drive people to purchase. There are different types of designs out there, also Apple has a guideline for us to implement a good Payment page.

I realized that I’ve been developing similar payment pages from scratch. …

Azmi Rutkay Biyik

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